Chapter 4 – CCNA VOICE

Command-line administration still remains the most flexible and supports all CME features. However, the GUI-based utilities, specifically the Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP), have evolved enough to support simple configuration and troubleshooting for the vast majority of CME features.
To support a majority of the VoIP configuration, Cisco developed a telephony-service configuration mode. You can access this mode from global configuration mode
show ephone registered. This command verifies the active phones registered with CME and the status of their lines.
Although Cisco has released multiple GUI management tools to configure CME over the years, two primary tools are used today: the integrated CME GUI and Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP). The integrated CME GUI is powered by HTML and JAR (Java) files loaded into the flash of the CME router.
Cisco focused the integrated CME GUI on configuring only the telephony aspects of the CME router. It created the CCP to configure all major aspects of the CME router. It enables simple (and often wizard-based) configuration of the router, firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Unified Communications, and common WAN and LAN features and configurations.
CCP enables you to configure the router in one of four ways:
• Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express: Most small businesses choose this option. CCP configures the router as a standalone CME system.
• Gateway: Enables you to use the CME router as a voice gateway. Voice gateways translate between dissimilar networks (such as your VoIP network connecting to the public switched telephone network [PSTN] over analog or digital trunks). Use this option if you are managing your Cisco phones with another system (such as Cisco Unity Connection Manager [CUCM]) and want to use this router only as a voice gateway.
• Cisco Unified CME as SRST: Enables the IP Phones to use the CME router as a failover device should they lose connectivity with the primary call-management system.
• None: Disables all Unified Communications capabilities of the CME router.
no call-manager-fallback
no auto-reg-ephone
max-redirect 5
web admin system name admin secret 0 Tcsl4pt0p
!—— CCP UCME——-!



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